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All research is painstakingly performed  on the web and we are dedicated to providing you with data  that can help you to make more sales and boost your profits.

The UK Business E-mail Directory provides accurate e-mail contact information about business enterprises in the United Kingdom. All records are researched on the world wide web and are constantly revised and modified to ensure that all data is kept as up to date and as accurate as possible.

For more information on how our data is obtained, processed and updated  please see the Research page.


 The Directory was last updated during the 3rd week of September 2014.


Please review over 6,000 example records from the Business Email Directory:-



Note: The Directory has been updated since the making of this video and the current edition no longer includes Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Gmail and many other types of free email account addresses.










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The UK Business Email Directory is a database of over 360,000 business contacts throughout the United Kingdom and dozens of different business categories are available.  All business owners strive for sales growth but this obviously cannot be achieved without more customers and business associates. If you own or operate a business with a website you can benefit from email marketing.  This is where the Directory can assist you and your  company.

Suppliers of B2B goods and services can get the most benefit from email list marketing. The Directory is your key to information on thousands upon thousands of new customers and business clients. If your goal is to boost your sales and to reinforce your business  brand and name in  your industry then for just UKP 195 you can obtain this vast e-mail list which can be used time and time again to locate new sales prospects.

Three Tips For Optimized Usage of UK Business Address Database & E-mail Marketing Lists

Online advertisers need direct means of contacting potential customers and to let them keep track of new products, discounts and promotions. E-mails are a good way of keeping customers hooked to a certain trend and exploiting avenues to make sales. Since time is a very scarce resource, it is better to buy UK Business Address Database & Email Marketing Lists so that less time is spent registering interested people. A  Database will help marketers to reach a great audience in record time, even if they are in far away regions of the world. It adds to the convenience of selling online. Here are some four tricks that can get a newbie marketer started when choosing and using an email list.

Choose a marketing list that fits with your business concept

Instead of focusing on numbers in a list, think about quality and select lists that have been inclined to target people who want information regarding a specific industry. A classic car business should be thinking of a list of people who want to hear about car shows, fancy remodels and other topics of that caliber. Most of the people in this list would be car dealers, fans, mechanics and people who would not mind getting some insights about cars and a few offers on parts and car rental options. The supplier of business database will sometimes grade the contacts according to the interests which the contacts have.

Other sophisticated ways of grouping email contacts include

  • By distance from a certain office.
  • By race and cultural preferences e.g. Hispanics, African, Indians in UK.
  • Official post of the recipient, for example a database of real estate marketing managers in UK.
  • Formation of the company, for example partnerships, NGO, charitable or stock exchange listed companies.
  • By life cycle. Contacts can be grouped according to start ups, industry leaders and declining businesses.

Choose a list that is easy to personalize

When looking at UK Business Address Database & Email Marketing Lists, it is easy to notice that some Directories lists do not have names of people. Some contacts only give their address, their post and the company they work for. It becomes hard to personalize an email for such a contact. However, if someone knew two names and some of the hobbies of the prospects, it becomes easier to “break the ice” when a marketer is able to call someone with his first name, give a greeting and then go ahead to talk about a freebie which goes well with the hobby of the person.

Keep a proper database on all the responses

There are many software vendors who can provide e-mail marketing support software to let the owner of the  data  know if the people in the list are reading the emails or not. It is good to know that someone has clicked an email even if he did not reply it. That still gives the businessman some hope that one day something will attract the leads to make a purchase or an enquiry. When one email marketing campaign raises a lot of enquiries, those statistics are also important because someone can learn to replicate some strengths in a future campaign.




From 14/11/2013 we will provide UK E-mail Marketing Directories of the following types of business;


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Jewellers Email List



Hair and Beauty Salons

Beauty Salons

Opticians and Eyewear Stores 

Travel Agents



Electricians including Electrical Contractors.


Recruitment Agencies Email List

Recruitment Agencies


Gift Shops

Gift Shops and Giftware Suppliers


Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs and Courses.


Interior Design Firms

Interior Design Firms


Builders and Construction Companies

Builders / Construction Companies


Used Car Dealers

Used Car Dealers


Dentists Marketing List

Dentists and Dental Surgeries


Restaurants Directory



Pubs and Bars Directory

Pubs and Bars








Email Mail Mailing List provides a valuable resource to builders, contractors, and manufacturers all across the globe. They help design buildings and maximize the potential of those buildings in the process. But, architects can’t do it alone. They need tools, products, and services in order to make their dreams a reality. If you are looking to offer your products to European architects, then you obviously need to get in touch with them. An email mail mailing can certainly get the job done.

What is an E-mail Mailing List?

An email mailing list essentially provides businesses with a list of potential clients in their desired field. In this case, the mailing list would be filled with European architects. This is essentially a database filled with the email addresses of numerous European architects, meaning that you can contact a considerable amount of potential clients in no time.

What are the Benefits of an Email Mailing List?

For starters, the mailing list gives you immediate access to hundreds of European architects. You will not have to try to contact them each individually by phone or through other means. You can simply compose a message and send it off to as many European architects as you’d like.

Of course, you can also customize your message to ensure that you attract the attention of specific clients. For instance, if you’re looking for architects who operate in Austria, then you can tailor a message directly to Austrian architects. You can also tailor your message to architects depending on the type of building and materials required. For instance, an architect designing a residential complex is going to have different needs than one designing a commercial warehouse.

In the end, an e-mail mail mailing list can provide beneficial access to many future clients. If you need to market your products, then a mailing list is one of the best ways to do so.


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We also offer USA lists:

Should You Buy Email Addresses Of Construction Companies

The research related to the Econsultancy Email Census of 2010 indicated results that email continues being a vital weapon in the armoury of the digital marketer.  It now accounts for around 17% of the digital marketing budgets.  This is an increase of 3% from 2009.  The continued investment in this form of marketing is attributable to the majority of participant companies rating email marketing as either good or excellent for a successful return on investment.

You may already be producing news about your service or product, but you are still not achieving the sales figures you yearn for.  What should your next step be?

You can opt for big-scale advertising in newspapers or magazines.  However, this could set you back thousands of pounds.  Many people offering services or products in the construction market do not normally have this amount of money lying about.

To ensure that you reach as many potential customers as possible, in the shortest amount of time possible, you should consider buying email addresses of construction companies.

Companies that sell email addresses of construction companies are able to offer you lists you can use to promote your business and obtain results.  There are several benefits to making use of this type of service.

  • You will be provided with a list of thousands of email addresses of construction companies, depending on the package you opt for
  • It is a time-saving method of obtaining the contact details of a huge amount of potential customers, without having to do the groundwork yourself
  • The costs are reasonable, but probably lower than you employing a person to research and sift through the names to ensure that they are valid
  • You know that the people you are going to contact are in your sphere of business and would be interested in the information you are providing them

These are only some of the advantages linked to buying these email addresses.  There are several other benefits that you should consider to boost your business and income.

The Benefits Of Using An Email List Of CPAs

Offering a service or product to Certified Public Accountants is a specialised field.  This niche generally requires specific services, equipment and software and can be quite difficult to break into.

To advertise your product, you would have to make use of specialised magazines or websites.  The alternative is to go directly to the source and contact the CPAs directly.  This can be achieved by using direct marketing strategies, such as e-mail.

To ensure that you obtain a suitable list, you should take care to buy your email list of CPAs from a reputable supplier.  There are many email list sellers on the internet, which means you have to do proper research.

The advantages to buying an email list of CPAs are:

  • You will be obtaining a list that has been checked and verified, which means you will not be placed in the spam folder or reported as spam
  • You have the option to use certain criteria to target your specific market
  • The recipients of the email list you receive are open to receiving information linked to services you are offering – it is what they are looking for
  • You will not be wasting time emailing people who are not interested in your product at all
  • You can make use of email lists to refer recipients to your website or your blog where they can read more about you and your products or services
  • The list you buy is yours and you can use it over and over again.  This allows you to regularly send out emails to your list, particularly when you are launching new products.  If you keep in touch with your list, the chances are that your service will be used consistently as the recipients will receive constant reminders that you are still available and in business

Email lists are often updated by the supplier of the list.  This makes it even more convenient for you to reach your target audience.

Buy An Email List Of Hotels For Quick Turnaround

There are distinct benefits linked to email marketing over the more traditional methods of marketing.  It offers you better returns on investments and allows you to engage with your customers and potential customers.  It is a more cost effective method as you do not need to print and post thousands of emails and envelopes.

Reduce Effort and Time

The two most common methods of doing direct business or customer marketing campaigns are:

  • Post

This involves designing and creating the mailing you wish to send to your customers and potential customers.  Thereafter, you have to wait for it to be printed and placed into envelopes, ready for mailing.  It could take days for the mailing to be delivered or it may well get lost in the post.

  • Telephone Sales

Not only do you have to employ additional people to make the calls, you have to give them a certain time period to get through to everyone on your calling list.

By using an email marketing campaign, you can reduce the time and the effort spent on marketing strategies.  You will be able to get your email out in a few hours initially.  Once you have your email templates set up, it will take you a couple of hours to do it.

All that is required is for you to draft a suitable message and add some graphics.  If you have bought an email list of hotels, you can immediately send out hundreds of emails once you are happy with the layout of the email.  It is possible to avoid weeks of planning and hard work simply by making use of an email list of potential or current customers.

You can choose to try and obtain your own list of emails, however, this is once again a time-consuming method.  By purchasing an hotel email list, you would be obtaining e-mail addresses that have been verified and you have permission to use.

In additional we produce many You Tube Videos that provide sample data from our UK Lists:-




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